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Well this year at TIFF has been an exciting one. We have seen many do’s and don’ts on the runway and off, fashion wise. I wanted to discuss some looks I used behind the scenes. I was working for Smashbox this year and so all of the products used here are from them.

I think my favorite makeover for the Toronto International Film Festival was on Danish actor Dina Rosenmeyer. She is friends with alot of the who’s who of Scandinavian perfomers, including the director of the Dragon Tatoo series starring the incredible Naomi Rapace. Dina was going to a premier this evening and she needed some impact generating makeup. She came to my chair saying “I guess a half liter of wine before a makeover isnt the best thing”. I responded “honey, its the best thing you can do!”

I started with leaving her perfect skin bare, no foundation. Foundation isnt necessary for a gal like Dina with her fantastic skin. Instead I focussed on her eyes, and used a great Trio from Smashbox called Photo Op. This had me using a nylon nude base over her whole eye, along with a peach lid color. I completed the look using a violet waterproof eye pencil  and then dropping some chocolate brown in her crease. The last step was using Smashbox Icon creme eyeshadow to create a warm diffused line underneath her eyes for that sultry look. Time was at a premium, we had less than a half hour to work. So I skipped eyeshadow primer and went straight for the look. I used Gingersnap blush just below her cheekbone and then added some Passion blush over top of that to create a sensuous blend of eye popping cheek color. Her lips were done in Nylon Nude with a layer of high reflection gloss. She snapped up the violet liner, and bought a Chai lipstick for more impact. Next we had to get her hair done, so we set her up with a Tony and Guy curling iron and some great hi hold spray.

Another great makeover experience was with Louise O’Brien Moran, head of the Manitoba film commission. She funds alot of Canadian productions and had 4 films at TIFF. For Louise and her premier events I used Black Onyx liner and Studio Skin 3.1 foundation on her skin. I dressed her cheeks in Chiffon blush and her lips on a delicious red lipstick, I cannot remember which. My goal this season was to keep the features clear and hit the eyes with an impact liner. Louise loved her new look and ran into an old flame right after leaving my chair. She wrote me a lovely email the next day, thanking me for preparing her for looking good for an old love interest!

I probably completed 20 makeovers over the past few days for the TIFF crowd and every woman was a pleasure to work with. From the simple BB cream with bronzer I did for Director Sandra Feldman (Please Kill Mr Know It All), to the fantastic coverage I acheived by combining a BB cream with Studio Skin, I really had a gas making Smashbox do its work! I think one of the highlights today was when Eddie Malter, Lead Artist for L’Oreal Paris walked in and bought 2 of our Soft Lights fusion face shapers! When the lead artist from LOreal comes to Smashbox to do some luminous touchups, well, my heart just sings. I taught him a trick using tinted moisturizer overtop of the Soft Lights powder for luminosity and he liked the concept.

TIFF has been a wonderful experience this year and parallels the rush I got working the Much Music Video Awards show in Toronto. My special thanks goes out to the Smashbox folks who work hard to help create fabulous new looks each season for TIFF. Smashbox does its part to contribute to trend setting makeup and this was my first season representing them at TIFF. Last year I was on the Arden team, without the playful assortment of colors to work with, and in the two years prior, I was teaching at the School of Makeup Art and missed TIFF, being so busy passing on knowledge to new artists in training. It was nice to connect with TIFF in a new way, and I look forward to the next year, wherever the industry finds me.



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