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My good friend Cam agreed to let me post his review of TIFF this year. Enjoy!

TIFF was something of a disappointment. Mostly our own doing, since we
bought the cheap day pass and were duly punished for our cheapness by being
denied access to film selection for daytime films until Labour Day. So we
saw 29 films, of which about 10 were so amateurish/boring that we wondered
why they had been selected for screening. But i am counting among those a
disgracefully badly acted film by Brian de Palma called PASSION. It cast
sweet little Rachel McAdams as a Bette Davis style manipulative bitch. Bad
idea. Then there was Colin Firth slumming in a mediocre road movie called
ARTHUR NEWMAN. But worst of all, there is THE PAPERBOY with Nicole Kidman
and Mathew McConaghey in southern gothic territory complete with southern
accents, crocodiles and astonishingly bad taste. It made us long for some
classy Tennesse Williams like BABY DOLL. In THE PAPERBOY, young Zach Ephron
is stung by a whole hive of bees. Our Nicole brightly offers to urinate all
over him to ease his pain, then does so. On camera. And so on.

The best American films we saw were: 1. THANKS FOR SHARING about sex
addicts. Not as much sex as you might expect, since Mark Ruffalo and the
lads were trying to abstain via the 12 step plan. The best parts were when
they went off the wagon. 2. DISCONNECT which involved the computer crowd.
Three separate plots arrive at their climax on the same evening. The big
scenes are splendidly intercut. But good as these two were, neither one got
a mention in the press I saw. SHORES OF HOPE, a German film about life in
the STASI era was excellent, as was the Danish THE HUNT about a teacher
accused of molesting a 5 year old. Finally, if you really feel a need for
some Middle Eastern Angst, try THE ATTACK about the inevitable
Palestinian-Israeli animosity. Believe it or not, the filmmaker made this
one trying not to take sides!!!!

On Wednesday afternoon, the Department of French held a retirement party for Professor
Derrick de Kerckhove who is acknowledged as Marshall McLuhan’s number ons disciple (and translator).  He also taught in the Cinema Dtudies program.   He had been unable to attend one in the spring, so
they exceptionally found – with much difficulty – a date when he would be in
Toronto in September. They provided a particularly lavish spread, and had a
good turnout of colleagues, old and current. But Derrick never showed up!
At 5:45 the two speakers made their speeches with the guest of honour
decidedly in absentia. I could not contain my mirth. Apparently, he had
phoned a secretary in the early afternoon saying that he would be slightly
delayed. So he did not forget. Kind of like Clint Eastwood speaking beside
an empty chair.  he was always famous for not turning up for his classes.



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