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Summary of Game Based Learning Advantages


1. Intrinsic Motivation

2. Self Efficacy

3. Self Pacing of Instructional Content

4. Exploration of Related Information

5. Cognitive Efficiency and Cognitive Mapping Boost

6. Refinement of Decision Making

7. Operation of Simulations within Defined Parameters

8. Interpersonal and Team Development

9. Incorporates Play (exploration within boundaries)

10. DOSE (dopamine release -rewards), (oxytocin release – group interaction), (serotonin release – satisfaction with outcomes), (endorphin release – tension during game play)


Disadvantages of Non-Game Learning Systems


1. Lecture – not useful for long term retention, after 20 minutes attention fades, recall limited

2. Reading – not useful for learning other than to work as a reference, writing notes as one reads is superior.

3. Problem-Based Learning – resource intensive, requires a high tutor-student ratio

4. Online didactic – often is presented as a combination of reading with multimedia, not an improvement over classroom, but allows distance education, lacking interpersonal mentoring often

5. Self Directed – lacks direction without close supervision

6. Essay Writing – easily plagiarized and difficult to monitor without “cut and paste” detection software


Specific Cases Where GBL is Helpful


1. Converting Simulations into intensive learning environments

2. Applying knowledge in a relevant context

3. Reviewing didactic information and rewarding recall

4. Engaging learners where content is insufficient to drive fascination and discovery

5. Supporting discovery-based learning with practical skills development

6. Fostering learning teams



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